Belfield Road

1909 Belfield Road Renovation

Many homes are special, but some have special meaning and bring on special thoughts. 1909 Belfield Road is one of those homes. It is rich with tradition, both from a design standpoint and an historical perspective from an important time is our country’s history. It was clearly filled with people who served our country in ways not often seen by the public. Belfield Road was the home of Mary Barelli Gallager, personal secretary to Former President and Mrs. John F Kennedy. It was a place that was often filled with the laughter of Caroline and John John who spent hours in the home in an effort to keep their lives connected to normal day-to-day living.

It is Genuario Construction Company’s honor to be bringing this very gracious home up to date on all systems and interior features that are part of a today’s lifestyle while remaining true to the historic and design integrity of the period in which its lights were shinning.

Walking through this home feels like reliving history. We would love to hear the wonderful stories of the Kennedy family that are hidden within these walls.


Price: $1,590,000

House Area: 1st & 2nd Floor – 2,525 sf; Basement & Garage – 784 sf

Sold: 1 | Number of Lots Available: 1 | Lot Size: 0.17 acres

Status: Sold

Completed House